Top Birthday Party Trends To Follow For Kids Party Hire In Melbourne

When your child’s birthday approaches, you may find yourself in the mid of mixed feelings. It’s normal to be happy and nostalgic while you may also feel stressed. We understand that the stress is due to the pressure of throwing a perfect birthday party for your little one.

To all you brave parents out there who are planning to throw a fantastic birthday party for your child, we have come up with the top trends for Kids Party Hire in Melbourne. Keep reading to check which of these birthday party trends would be the best fit for your child.

Classic Themes Will Continue to Rule

Some classic themes like carnival, car racing, sports, and hands-on activities will continue to delight kids at any birthday party. Mickey Mouse, rainbows, and Toy Story will also be great options for their fascinating vibes and eye-catching colour palettes. Whereas these classic party themes will continue with their entertaining attractions, the colour palettes and designs are evolving. So, consider going with vibrant and bold colours with modern and clean designs for the kid’s party.

Themed Around kid’s Interests

When it comes to picking the best one from Children Birthday Party Ideas Melbourne, kids play a big role – they can add innumerable resources to take inspiration from. They love to see things of their interests – characters, sports, hobbies, colours, cars, and fashion – as the party theme. Nowadays, more and more parents prefer to go with a birthday party theme based on their child’s interests. For example, if your kid loves adventure and space, throwing a Star Wars-themed birthday party would be super exciting for them.

Immersive, Interactive Party Activities

Interactive parties have started to become a trend nowadays. You can curate an activity that complements your party theme and décor so that you can add value to the overall party entertainment. For example, you can consider creating a snack or dessert wall in your party design where kids can interact and engage in some fun activities.

If you are looking for a unique idea to incorporate interactive party activities, you should go for Fire Engine Adventures. Think it as a one-of-a-kind Kids Party Hire in Melbourne that can increase the party fun for both kids and parents. By riding on an authentic fire engine, kids can gain some practical, real-time, and memorable experiences.


Q. What is the best time of day for a kid’s party?

A. Choose a party time when children are well rested. Hence, mid-morning or late afternoon can be a good choice.

Q. How long should a kid’s birthday party last?

A. Deciding a specific duration of the party can be difficult as it may depend on a lot of things including the age of children and scheduled activities. Ideally, a kid’s birthday party should last about 2 hours.

Q. What events can be done for a children’s birthday party?

A. Here are some amazing Children Birthday Party Ideas in Melbourne

  • Musical chair
  • Bubble wrap race
  • Paper boat race
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Balloon burst and so on