Top 5 Outdoor Fun Ideas: Best Activities For Kids In Brighton

With warm summers and mild winters, the outdoor weather in Brighton and surroundings is truly enjoyable. Parents often struggle to minimise the screen time for their kids and plan for some fun outdoor activities that can benefit a kid’s overall development.

Thankfully the diverse landscapes facilitate a vast playground for kids to explore, learn, and have endless fun in the great outdoor activities. In this blog, we will share the Best Activities for kids in Brighton that will keep them entertained and active.

Go To Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and playgrounds encourage kids of all ages and personalities to play together. Here, they get the environment to develop their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well-being. Take your kids of any age and let them engage in some games and activities so that they can just be themselves.

Suitable for kids from 6 months to 8 years and above

Visit The Zoo

Spending a day at the zoo or wildlife sanctuary is one of the Best Fun Activities for Children in Brighton as it promotes learning and wonder in them. Depending on your locality, you can decide which nearby zoo or sanctuary to visit with your kids and keep them entertained while learning about various animals and wildlife.

Suitable for children of all ages – 6 months and above

A Ride on A Fire Engine Truck

If you want to combine a little bit of excitement with fun activities for your child, let us share an amazing idea – riding on a fire engine truck. You can hire a fire engine for a fun ride with your children and their friends, for any outdoor party event, or even on the occasion of their birthdays.

For a real-time experience of riding an authentic fire engine, you can contact Fire Engine Adventures, proudly offering their service since 2011.

Suitable for children and adults of all ages

A Day For Beach Adventures

Living in Brighton, Caulfield or surroundings comes with the benefit of easy beach access. You can take your kids to some stunning beaches and have some wonderful family time. Let your kids take their first surfing lessons on the nearby beaches as it is one of the Best Activities for Kids in Caulfield.

Suitable for children above one year old

Camping Under The Stars

If you are looking for some nocturnal Best Fun Activities for Children in Caulfield, then organise camping under the stars. For a perfect family camping adventure, pitch a tent, gather around a campfire, and plan some activities like storytelling, singing, or stargazing.

Suitable for children 6 years and above

To Sum Up

So, which of these activities are you going to try for your kid on their next vacation? Whether you plan for wildlife exploration or enjoy the urban park, just let your kids discover the wonder of nature and the magic of outdoor fun.


Q. Suggest some kid’s activities to do on Australia Day (January 26).

A. Here are the Best Activities for Kids in Brighton and surroundings to do on Australia Day –

  • Toss the Thong
  • Beach Frisbee/Football
  • Backyard Cricket
  • Egg and Spoon Races and more
Q. Which beaches are best for kids in Caulfield and surroundings in Melbourne?

A. Some great beaches in Melbourne for visiting kids and families are –

  • Williamstown Beach
  • Ricketts Point
  • Dendy Street Brighton Beach
  • Sandridge Beach and so on

Q. What do kids do when they go to beaches in Melbourne?

A. Some of the Best Activities for Kids in Caulfield and other areas in Melbourne to try out on beaches are –

  • Collecting shells
  • Building sandcastles
  • Playing beach volleyballs
  • Beach Scavenger Hunt and more