Price Guide

Fire Engine Adventures can be arranged in Melbourne, suburbs and other selected areas (please inquire for specific needs). Prices are all inclusive, but they do vary slightly according to the specific occasion.

Once you get a quote, though, the quote you receive will be the price you pay unless you change your itinerary. The price guide is based on hires within 30 kilometres of our offices in Doreen, and is mostly based on the distance we have to travel to get to you. All quotes are based on a one-hour Package 1 hire.


Package 1: Fire Engine visit with rides and fire extinguishers – 1 hour. $399.

Package 2: Fire Engine visit with rides, fire extinguishers and fire hose reel – 1 hour 25mins. $450.

* price may vary depending on location
For extended visits please call for prices.

Fire engine prices starts at $350 for local outings (i.e., (Mernda/Doreen) and $399 for the majority of Melbourne suburbs for the first hour. For longer outings, and distances, prices can be negotiated accordingly. For locations east of Springvale Road, west of Sydenham/Point Cook and north of Wallan; the minimum charge is $399.

While the number of passengers has no effect on the hire price, we can only carry 11 adult passengers at a time – 10 in the rear & 1 in the cab. For larger groups, we may be able to source another fire engine [additional fee] or split your hire in to two or more runs at no extra cost.

If you’re looking to save a bit of money, feel free to inquire and take advantage of our “Mate Rates,” which apply for party bookings made for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. And be sure to book well in advance for holidays.

Fire Engine Quote:

All bookings are taken on a first-come, first served basis;

  1. Receiving a quote does not guarantee that your adventure date and time will still be available when you call back to book. So if you’ve got a key date in mind for your occasion, please book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.
  2. A deposit will secure your booking. This deposit is fully refundable should you need to cancel more than 14 days prior to the event.
  3. Cancellations within a period of 14 days prior to the event will necessitate forfeiture of your deposit.
  4. .Inquiries will be taken over the phone but  actual bookings can ONLY be made by texting or emailing our office.
  5. Payment for the booking can be paid in cash at the start of your hire or by direct bank transfer two days prior to your party date. Visa, MasterCard and Amex can also be accepted on the day of your event.. These payments can be made through a link on your invoice.
    These details will be supplied as part of your booking confirmation.
  6. When requesting a quote we NEED to know the following details.
    • Your pickup location/address (approximate is fine)
    • Your destination/party venue/address
    • Date and time required
    • Type of event (Themed Birthday Party Ideas, Children Birthday Party Ideas, tour etc.)
    • Your Contact telephone number(s)
    • Your E-mail address for confirmation.
    • Birthday child’s name/age.
  7. Your booking will be confirmed in writing to your email address and will contain all relevant information and your booking number.