Kinder Play Groups

Unlimited Kindergarten Fun

Kindergartens generally fall short of innovative ideas to conduct games and parties. This is a place that requires maximum innovation to keep the little ones engaged. However, it is also important to ensure that the little ones learn something new with these games and Best Activities for Kids. This is exactly where our shiny red fire truck can help you.

These activities form part of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development’s commitment to engaging children in further increasing their understanding of fire awareness.

The children learn the fire safety basics; “Get down low and go, go, go” to “Stop, drop and roll”,

The Childcare/kindergarten evacuation plan can be indorporated.

At Fire Engine Adventures, we offer a vintage 1967 fire engine truck for hire. This truck is the best way to teach the little ones about fire safety. Our shiny red truck will take the children for a round in batches of 10 per round. A chauffeur who is fully dressed in a 1960’s fireman uniform will take the kids for a drive. Therefore, hiring our fire engine truck will make you even totally memorable.

Fancy Truck with a Cozy Interior

Our fire truck features red leather-like seats that keep the kids comfortable, while they are having fun. The rear has a high roofing to let the passengers to stand while enjoying the ride. In some of the plans, we also give a cute certificate to the child who completed the ride. Choosing such an innovative plan to celebrate an event at your kindergarten will make your place all the more popular and will have everyone discussing about your kindergarten.

Our vehicle is beautifully designed. A high quality sound system is also provided. This will let you play your favorite tunes to sing along while you are going on a ride. So, the next time you plan an event you can contact us for a fire engine hire and convert your event into a Kids Party Entertainment.