Fun Event Service | Melbourne

Jazz Up Your Party with a Fun Fire Truck

No party will be complete without a fun element. This is exactly what our fire engine and staff offers. Once you hire us, your guests can ride on our fire engine and parade across the venue. To make it better, you can also make an arrangement to arrive to the venue in our red flashy fire engine truck. The red shiny fire engine truck is certainly a great way to jazz up the mood of your party.

We have high quality props and are extremely professional in the way we offer our services. Our fun event service will help you in organizing a variety of events. Whether it is a corporate or a school function, a school party or even a birthday party, you can set the right tone with our fire adventure trucks. This truck is that one element which makes your party totally memorable.

Beautifully Designed and Lovingly Adapted Truck

Our fire engine trucks are beautifully designed and are smartly adapted to accommodate 11 adult passengers. This will help you to ride to the place of the event just in case you make up your mind to arrive in style to the venue. The truck comes with leather effect having flame red seats backed up by a great sound system. This simply means that you can even enjoy your favorite music while you are enjoying the joy ride. We will also provide you with a fully uniformed fireman in complete regalia, who can be a part of your package. Pics can be clicked, following which joy ride can begin in a batch of 10.

The magnificent sound system assists in playing those popular tunes to sing along and your kids can wave to all the bystanders as they pass them. This authentic fire engine will make a perfect choice for every party. No matter what you are planning to celebrate the fire engine adventure will surely amuse you. Therefore, if you are looking for some Fire Engine Party or are planning to have a Fire Truck Kids Party then you have come to the right place.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now to book your fire engine and leave your little guests absolutely mesmerized.