7 Best Activities For Kids In Caulfield For Great Outdoor Fun

Parents often face challenges to keep their kids entertained during long holidays and summer breaks. If you are also tired of hearing “I’m getting bored,” you need to plan ahead to keep them busy and entertained with some Fun Activities For Children in Caulfield. And when we mean fun activities, we certainly refer to something that doesn’t lead to a colossal mess at your home.

Here are our 7 Best Activities For Kids Caulfield that will make their holidays or any other occasion even merrier while enjoying outdoors –

Beach Day

If you are fortunate to have access to a beach, you can gift some wonderful outdoor memories to your kids. There may not be any better way of relaxing and entertainment than enjoying crashing waves, fresh sea breeze, and warm sun on the beach. Explore the nearby seashore with kids and soak up some vitamin D while building a sand castle and eating their favourite ice cream.

Backward Bouncy Castle

What about keeping a small, inflatable bouncy castle in your yard to make your child’s holiday fun-filled and playful? Of course, it is also a great way to make your outdoor space more interesting while you don’t have to worry about the safety of kids during jumping in a confined space. Moreover, bouncy castles are one of the most popular Fun Activities For Children Melbourne on the occasion of birthday parties.

Bike Ride

Among various fun outdoor activities, it’s hard to beat the thrill of a bike ride. If your kid is as young as 18 months, you can take them going around your cul-de-sac or just riding the trails in a nearby park. This way, you can teach your little one essential riding skills and balance.

Visiting A Zoo

If you are looking for an outdoor destination to spend an entire day with little ones, there would be no better choice than a zoo full of animal attractions. With lions, tigers, bears, birds, and lots of other animals, your bored and stir-crazy kid would have a great fun time in the zoo.

Bird Watching

What about an entire day of outdoor entertainment with a group of children? All you need to do is to find out a nearby farm and pack the bag with a pair of binoculars and essential food to have some outdoor entertainment.

Pool Day

Spending a pool day with floaties and swimming goggles would definitely be on the top of Fun Activities For Children Caulfield. You can also add some fun pool games to make things more entertaining.

Adventure on Firetrucks

Adventure and children are a match in heaven. Nothing can beat the thrill of an authentic firetruck and experiencing the ride of a real-time fire engine.

Ready to experience one of the Best Activities For Kids in Caulfield? Then, hire an authentic fire engine from Fire Engine Adventures and create a memorable outdoor experience for your kids.



Q. What is the best time for a 5-year-old’s birthday party?

A. For a 5-year-old kid’s birthday party, a late afternoon time slot like 4 pm to 6 pm or 5 pm to 7 pm would be ideal. For weekend birthday parties, the timeslot of 11 am to 1 pm would be ideal mealtime.

Q. When should you start planning for your child’s birthday party?

A. If you want to throw a memorable birthday party packed with entertainment and fun activities for children in Melbourne, then start planning at least two months in advance.

Q. How long should a birthday party last for children?

A. Arranging a birthday party for an hour and a half can be sufficient for toddlers and preschoolers whereas the party can last for two to three hours for school-going children.