About Us

In 2011, Fire Engine Adventures commenced from Mernda out of a love of fire engines and the wish to provide something different for a great event. What better way to combine the two than purchase a beautiful decommissioned fire engine for use for an adventure with a difference.

Fire Engine Adventures is run by a couple who have a passion for fun and personally take care of each event to ensure that it is a very memorable one, for the right reasons.

Our fire engine has been adapted to the very highest standards and the ‘roof’ has been raised to allow you to stand up in the passenger area.

This is not a ‘Crew cab’ style of fire engine where all you can do when inside is sit ‘knee to knee’, instead there is plenty of room to move around and enjoy the experience before we set off or when we stop.

Fire Engine Adventures – The Techy bit

Here are some of the techy bits about our Fire Engine:-
Fire Engine Adventures

  • The Fire Engine is a 1967 Bedford was previously commissioned to service fire areas in Western Australia, the last being at Wongan Hills. It has a fully functioning siren, and beacons.
  • It has a 300cc straight six engine.
    [This pic is of a similar unit prior to the “roof” being raised]
  • The ‘roof’ has been raised in the passenger area to allow you to stand when you get in or out.
  • There is a good quality sound system complete.
  • There is a pump enabling water from the on-board storage tanks to be pumped and sprayed.
  • A night vision CCTV system has been installed for the safety of passengers.
  • PVC covers have been installed for your protection from wind and rain.

For those with a special interest in fire engines and Bedford vehicles, the company has a long and storied history of supplying utility vehicles dating back to the 1920s, 30s and World War II. The British used Bedford vehicles for a startling array of industrial purposes during WWII, with uses ranging from anti-aircraft gun tractors to water tankers and personnel carriers.

They were also used in mobile British cinema during the 60s, and adapted for use in Australia during that time as well. In addition to being used in fire engines, the Bedford engine turned up in vans, campers and buses, and they’re still used in Britain today by the military. Back when they first came on the market, they were used to service fire areas in New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria.

Bedford Fire Engine Fire engine - Rain Covers