5 Best Tips For Budget-Friendly Kids’ Party Ideas In Melbourne

So, you wish to through an awesome birthday celebration for your kid? And that too without breaking the bank? It’s all possible as we have come up with some Kids’ Party Ideas Melbourne that don’t need to cost a fortune.

If you are interested to find out helpful tips for arranging your kid’s next birthday party on a budget, please read the blog below –

How To Arrange A Kid’s Birthday Party In a Cost-Effective Way

Timing is Everything

Think about logistical ways while planning for your kid’s birthday party. You can streamline and manage costs based on the who, what, when, and where to plan the birthday. If you plan the party between lunch and dinner, your guests won’t expect a full meal to be served at the birthday party.

Compare Venue Prices

Organising an at-home birthday party is definitely a money-saving way. But, if you are not ready to take too much hassle of a house party, it would be more convenient and cost-effective to let a venue do the work. However, prices of party venues can vary significantly based on their locations and facilities. Hence, try to shop around and compare their prices.

Plan Budget-Friendly Party Entertainment

You don’t always have to hire a travelling petting zoo to entertain your guests, especially kids. Or, considering a clown or mickey-mouse may not be the only option for Kids’ Party Hire in Melbourne. Instead, you should look for some low or no-cost activities to keep kids entertained. You can think of some theme-based party ideas such as game-based or superhero-themed party ideas where children will dress up as per their favourite character. Here, you won’t have to spend extra on party hire.

Target Seasonal Sales Beforehand

To save yourself from rushing at the last minute to buy overpriced party supplies and gifts, you can scour seasonal sales. You can also look out for year-long sales for party items and party favours for great savings.

Include Low-Cost Party Entertainment

You don’t need to cost a fortune on party entertainment. If planned wisely, you can include low to no-cost Kids’ Party Entertainment in Melbourne.

Here is a list of free activities ideal for birthday party games =

  • Musical chairs
  • Hot Potato
  • Freeze Dance
  • Three-Legged Race
  • Charades
  • Keep-Up-the-Balloon

Looking for a unique party entertainment

If your kid loves adventure, you can go with an adventurous fire-engine-themed birthday party idea. You can explore an authentic fire engine that can make your kid’s special day a memorable one. For a real-life experience in the fire engine truck, you can contact Fire Engine Adventures for cost-effective party entertainment.



Q. What should you put in birthday party goodie bags?

A. Some cost-effective party favours for kids are trinkets, candies, snacks, chocolates, fruits, water bottles, pens, and so on.

Q. What are some fun activities for kids’ party ideas in Melbourne?

A. Some popular fun activities and entertainment ideas for kids’ parties are –

  • Magic show
  • Puppet show
  • Cotton candy counter
  • Bouncing castle
  • Live cartoon characters and more

Q. Should you go with a theme-based birthday party?

A theme-based party can help you choose something that your kid is fond of and gets excited about seeing it. You can choose anything like a cartoon, food, superhero, or any other kids’ party entertainment in Melbourne as per your kid’s choice.