School Formals

Races were never This Exciting

Fire truck games are certainly exciting. Which kid would not want to be a fireman for a day and relive the adventurous life. Children being naturally inquisitive love to explore new things. Above all, what better way do you have to make them aware of fire safety than hiring a fun fire engine truck. For this reason, at Fire Engine Adventures, we offer quality services of fire engine hire.

Fire truck birthday party ideas are also great way to make your party popular in your neighbourhood. After all your children would love their birthday parties being talked about in the neighbourhood for months. If you are organizing your party somewhere outdoor, then you can also hire the truck to pick up and drop your guests. This will make your celebration all the more special.

Cool Truck with Fancy Features

Our fire engine truck is lovingly adapted and is beautifully designed. The flame red seats will jazz up your party mood. Besides, the truck has a high ceiling in the passenger space that lets you to stand during the ride. To make it all the more interesting, the truck comes with a great sound system. Such a sound system enables you to play the music of your choice and sing along.

We can also arrange for a chauffeur dressed in the vintage 1960’s fireman uniform to be a part of your package, if you are planning to make it more fun. This will let you or your guests to arrive at the party venue in style, or make a stunning entry. The rental experience as well as the fire engine are designed to cater to your party needs. Some of our plans also provide honorary fireman certificate, upon completion of a one-hour ride.

Here is your chance to celebrate in style. Call us to hire our fun fire engine services. We look forward to make your party memorable.